Monday, January 31, 2005

Ohio Almanac 3rd Edition

Anyone that is a fan of Ohio, I would recommend the Ohio Almanac published by Orange Frazier in Wimington. The book is heavy and packed full with information on tons of tidbits about Ohio – from the Civil War to the basic numbers.

I picked this up at the Delaware County Library on Sunday and spent most of the evening reading it – during the time I had been planning to write up my visit to Delaware County.

Regular Updates?

I'm not sure where the month of January went. Between ice storms and snow falls, it has been a horrible month for getting out and travelling. A surprise 2-inch snow fall on Saturday botched my original plan of starting with the Knox County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, since that is where my passion for this project originated.

Instead, I am planning to post some tonight on the Delaware County Courthouse, my "new" hometown.

Friday, January 07, 2005

The Ohio County Project

I have always love history and geography and if I hadn't found writing would probably be sitting in a classroom right now trying to teach the young minds history and geography. Now that I've scared you all away, let me explain the goal of this blog.

One of the my ambitions for 2005 is to visit the County Courthouse in each of the 88-counties and post information and photos on my travels.

I had originally started working on a Web site for this; but the blogging thing is so much easier and less time consuming. Plus, I get the same information out to anyone that is interested...much easier.

I'll try to keep regular updates on the blog about the projects status.