Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Weekend in Pittsburgh

Loaded up the Blazer and took the wife on a trip to Pittsburgh over the Memorial Day weekend for a Rascal Flatts concert at the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

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We took advantage of the long-weekend and left for Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon and spent some time heading around the city before we headed to the concert on Saturday night and back to the concert on Sunday morning.

A little bit of this and that on the trip…

PITTSBURGH ROCKS: Okay, so Cleveland is still my favorite sports city, but if I ever had to pack up and move to a city Pittsburgh would be it. Sitting only 28 miles inside the state of Pennsylvania it is still close enough to be “Buckeye Country” but a walk through Robinson Mall proves that you are really in “Joe Pa Country” and Pitt basketball rules. The city is gorgeous and a friend of mine lives on South Shore and we had a great lunch at the Main Street Grill in an area that is completely being revitalized.

NO LIGHTER, NO PROBLEM: As Rascal Flatts went into a ballad and the number of cell phones got raised up above heads it dawned on me that the age of lighters was through. As smoking has continued to fall out of favor in public spaces, the increase of cell phones has to be growing exponentially during concerts. The two “teenagers” next to me were on the phone basically from start to finish during the show. I have never understood this, you drop $50 a ticket for this show – one of the cheaper ones – and you are more interested in talking to the people that wouldn’t/couldn’t fork over the money to attend with you?

PAVILION FALLS DOWN DRUNK: Might have been the holiday weekend, but the amount of public intoxication was utterly amazing to me. I have seen people thrown out of bars for being less intoxicated than many of the lawn-seat fans were.

: It was great to cross over the river into Steubenville and return home to our Buckeye family!
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