Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ohio's Symbols and Emblems

The following animal, bird, flower and tree are the symbols/emblems of the State of Ohio:
Animal Symbol - White-tailed Deer
Bird Symbol - Cardinal
Flower Symbol - Scarlet Carnation
Insect Emblem - Ladybug
Reptile Emblem - Black Racer Snake
Tree - Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)

I can see all of these and I thought the Walleye was the state fish, but maybe that was just "chit-chat" and never happened.

The Ladybug might be working its way off the list with the recent attack of Japanese Ladybugs that have become a nuisance throughout homes in central Ohio. I know that at my parents the first glipse of sunshine and the windows are littered with them.

You'd think I'd look into it BEFORE posting. But the I found on Class Brain, that the Walleye is an unofficial state fish.

From Class Brain: I looked into it and found that Ohio doest have an official state fish, but it does have an unofficial State fish. It is the Walleye. The walleye is also known as Walleyed Pike, Pickerel, Jackfish, Do.

I found this link that should be uesful: http://www.statefishart.com/states/midwest/oh.htm
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