Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Third Time a Charm

This is my third attempt at taking a photograph of all 88 county seats in Ohio.

The first time was in 2001 and I nailed down quite a few of the counties in the Northwest quadrent. Then a computer virus wiped out all the photos -- and well the inclusion of an ex-girlfriend in most of the pictures -- life is easier for me to just restart the photos.

Then in Spring 2003, I visited a few of the counties in southeast Ohio that I had never had a chance to "stop and smell" the roses in. It was cold and nasty day as we were returning from a Tim McGraw concert at the Charleston (West Virginia) Civic Center. The rain and cold got the best of these photos and in the move to our new home they have dissapeared from sight.

So I've been to many of these cities and counties in the past; but now need to redo my pictures.

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